Frequently Asked Questions



Installation Questions

What supplies will I need to apply my letters?

You will need an application squeegee, masking tape, a yardstick or tape for measuring, a scissor and a
cleaned surface to apply the letter. We also recommend a water-soluble marking pencil. Water-soluble
pencils will wash off your surface easily after the letters are applied. 

Where do I get these supplies?

The application squeegee can be an old credit card or for smaller surfaces, a coin can be used.
The water-soluble marking pencil is available from local art supply store. Everything else is available
at your local hardware store.


What if I've never applied vinyl letters before?

Feedback from our customers over the years, who have never done it before, have said that if you
follow the directions, take your time and pick a day that is not too windy, it’s easy.


How should I care for my lettering?

In colder climates, decals on windows of vehicles can be damaged by the scraping of frost or ice from
the windows. Mild window cleaner may be used to clean the windows without damage to the decal.
On painted surfaces of vehicles, care must be taken when waxing. Wax will build up around the edges
of the decal, and will need to be removed. Use a soft cloth, and take your time, and be gentle.
DO NOT USE something such as a brush. It will only force the wax underneath the edge of the decal,
and the decal will begin to peel. Your vinyl will not be damaged by normal use of car wash products, or
water. Although the decals will withstand pressure washers, car washes, these will reduce the life and
appearance of your vinyl. The vinyl will not last forever, but will give you many years of enjoyment if
taken care of.


How do I remove my lettering?

On glass surfaces, with temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees, a razor blade scraper can be used.  
The vinyl can be removed from painted surfaces by using a heat gun or hair dryer to warm the decal
to the point to where it peels off easily. Heating the decal will not cause the decal to completely
detach from the surface, but will loosen the adhesive to make it make easier to remove.


Can I reuse the graphic once I take it off?

No. Once the decal graphic is removed is it no longer reusable.

Cleaning Instructions

The following procedures must be followed to ensure a good contact.


  1. Clean area with soapy water, then rinse with clean water
    (do not leave any traces of soap on the surface).
  2. Clean away any tar, oil or grease using a good automotive cleaner and wax remover.
  3. Wipe down surface with isopropyl alcohol.  Dry the surface with a lint free dry cloth
    or paper towel before the isopropyl alcohol has a chance to evaporate.
  4. Allow vinyl to “cure” for 24 to 36 hours before washing.



  1. Read all of our directions first!
  2. Clean the surface well to avoid dust and oil under the vinyl.
  3. Without removing the backing, place sign exactly in the position it is to be located.
  4. Hold everything temporarily into place with masking tape.
  5. Step back and see how it looks.
  6. Once applied, it cannot be repositioned.
  7. Measure twice to assure accuracy, measure from the flat areas on numbers and letters.
  8. Apply a piece of masking tape across the entire top edge, to make a hinge.
  9. Fold the sign back along the tape hinge.
  10. Remove the backing (back side), revealing the sticky side (Only remove the backing
    - DO NOT remove the transfer tape - Front Side)
  11. CAUTION:: Do not allow the sign to fall freely on the surface or it will stick there and
    potentially ruin the vinyl if you try to remove it.
  12. ** Hold the sign away from the surface. With a squeegee (plastic spatula, bondo applicator, etc.)
    carefully begin to squeegee down the top 1 to 2 inches along the top edge. Work from the
    hinge down, squeegee down and out over the remaining sign area, but be careful not to trap
    any air bubbles behind the vinyl.
  13. Remove the transfer tape by slowly peeling it back from the sign.
  14. The sign will remain in place if it has been firmly applied.
  15. If any air bubbles appear, puncture with a pin and squeeze the area to flatten the bubbles.
  16. Tiny bubbles will disappear over time with the heat of the sun.
  17. CAUTION: Once the sign has been applied it cannot be repositioned. It can be removed by applying
    a little heat with a hair dryer and peeling it away. The sign is not reusable once it has been removed.

    Please contact us if you have any questions.