Frequently Asked Questions



Vinyl Quality Questions

Will your letters withstand winter elements?


Yes. The sun is their main enemy. Over many years the sun will work away at the lettering causing them to eventually fade & curl.
This usually takes at least 7 years and sometimes as much as 8 or more.

Can you Guarantee color matches?


No we can not. We can provide you with a color sample via Mail. It is not possible to provide proofs to all of our customers that will
look exactly like the actual product.  Sending us a paint swatch will also help to speed up the color match to the best of our ability.
This is for two reasons. Everyone uses different computer monitors and settings. A computer screen is illuminated, so the colors will
appear different on the screen than they do in real life.


How long can I expect my lettering to last?

According to the vinyl manufacturer, 7 years. However, we have seen many vinyl letters continue to maintain their durability many years longer.

Please contact us if you have any questions.